Small table lamp

Koji is a design lamp with a smart light system and an oak wood base. It’s also the winner of the first Salone Satellite award of 2012 in Milan, Italy.

Koji is the lamp that best defines the material of decafé. It interprets the relaxing moment of drinking a coffee and it allows you to interact with it, bringing out all of its senses. Its small size and texture make Koji an attractive lamp that symbolizes the very moment of drinking a coffee. The lamp shade represents the cup and the light represents the coffee. The intensity of the light changes according to the position in which you place it, simulating the movement of the cup.

Koji can be turned off if placed in the upside-down position and its max intensity is reached when placed horizontally, representing a burst of light on the wood.

The lamp includes an intelligent motherboard created by David Laurí Pla. It’s wireless and can be charged with a micro USB charger. This feature allows us to compare it to a “portable” lamp.

Its charm is what pulls us in. Do you want to try it?

Product specifications



Material : decafé
Natural material made with coffee grounds.

Net weight: 0,7 kg

Base: Oak wood base

Every piece is unique. Sizes, weight, edge, texture and color can slightly change due to the artisanal process.

LED and battery included.