decafé Lovers

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Fundamental material

All of our products are made with decafé, a natural and exclusive material that comes from used coffee grounds.


Unique Design

All decafé products are manufactured with all of our passion, taking even the smallest details into account.



with used coffee grounds, 100% natural and recycled materials

The light of coffee

At decafé we make lamps and accessories out of used coffee grounds. Our pieces are high quality, enhancing the value of a product as valuable as coffee. You’ll find unique and authentic pieces that wake up the senses of those who love great design. With decafé lamps and accessories you can experience all the sensations that arise out of a nice cup of coffee.

Our lamps and accessories are made through an artisanal and ecological process, focusing on all of the details and conserving the value of its fundamental material, coffee, which is 100% natural. Dive into the world of decafé. You can find us at your nearest point of sale or on our online store where which you can see the true “light of coffee”.