Koji S6 Copper

Pendant lamp

This is the older sister of Koji S Copper and its dimensions are double the size of our small lamp. The combination of copper makes the Koji S Copper an elegant lamp with its own style, standing out from the others.

Its light color and smell when lit will take you back to a particular moment when you were relaxing with a nice cup of coffee, and its interior stands out with the exterior creating a beautiful interplay of light and color. Koji S6 is perfect for bars, kitchens, center tables and bedside tables. Our Koji S6 lamp is a great option if being placed by itself or combined with multiple pieces.

Product specifications


KOJI S6 copper

Material : decafé
Natural material made with coffee grounds.
Outside material: Copper

Net weight:  1,6 kg

Cord: Black textile 2m or 5m
Colors and special sizes available upon request.

Ceiling rose: Black
Available in white upon request.

Every piece is unique. The texture and color can slightly change due to the artisanal process.

LED not included